HCDA is Giving Every Community A Hope

Hope Community Developmental Agency is helping thousands of families and individuals get the help that they need. This organization is composed of young colored men that are looking to make a positive difference in the lives of people all over the country. This organization helped rebuild homes after the major hurricanes and is helping communities rebuild and continue to grow.

The Hope Community’s went to the aid of people two days after Hurricane Katrina. They help provide relief and support to people whose home has been destroyed. They worked with the local communities to develop a plan to rebuild and to help residents get their basic needs met including food and water. They worked closely with the town of East Biloxi to make sure they had everything they need. It took six weeks for the assistance from other agencies to arrive and during that time Hope Community was there. They worked with local churches as well as the NAACP to make sure people has basic medical care and anything else that they needed during this time.

Hope Community continues to want to make an impact in the lives of people all around them. They are looking to add full-service resource centers to residents. The residents can come to this center and they can talk about their dreams and any concerns they may have. The residents will get advice on how to reach their goals. This center will provide shelter to those that have lost their home in the community due to the hurricane as an emergency shelter. They are looking to help fix the short terms needs of East Biloxi and help this community set long-term goals. They are providing community services and redevelopment to make this community return to its state before the hurricane.

Hope Community Development is looking to become the hub of East Biloxi. They want to be the places where people can meet and speak of the redevelopment of this town. They want residents to be able to come to this center and share information and speak to each other about what they are looking for in their new and improved town. They are looking to hold weekly meetings to talk about the development. They also want to provide services to residents including conference areas and computer and fax services.

In addition to these services, Hope Community Development provide additional services that are needed by the community. They are looking to get case management services for residents to help them with the process and the task of rebuilding their homes. They want to work with all insurance agencies as well as code offices to make sure the process goes as smooth as possible. They are also looking to team up with a legal firm as well as a design studio to help rebuild the town. The organization would like to help people by referring them to physical and mental health services. This organization would like to service the residents and make the community a better place for all people to live.